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Beca/Jesse blog, to soothe my obsession.

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New Story-Camp Out


Beca and Jesse organise a camp for the Trebles and the Bella’s. It is a continuation of Closer Together part 1-Beca’s Headaches. You may want to check that out first so this story makes more sense. :) 

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Fanfic; Timings a bitch


Title: Timings a bitch

Pairing:Beca/Jesse(Pitch Perfect)

Rating: T+

Summary: His eyes dart around, looking for something he isn’t completely sure of. A smile creeps on his face as he thinks about the last time he saw Beca Mitchel. Jesse and Beca run into each other years after they last spoke. Will it lead to something they gave up on in the past? Future fic. Slightly AU. Bad summary

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Title: on the Brightside

Pairing:Beca/Jesse(Pitch Perfect)

Rating: M+

Summary: Working on it.

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I want to know your opinion of me



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title: i may throw up on you (FF.NET
pairing: beca/jesse
rating: g
warnings: none
summary: “dude,” beca says, empathetic. “you need to sit the hell down,” she pushes on her boyfriend’s shoulders, so he’s sitting down on his bed again.

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